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For more than 5 years, Celebrate Life Cancer Survivor Network has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for those afflicted with cancer in our region.  To date, we have given almost $50,000 to families in need.  All of our members are cancer survivors themselves and volunteer their time and energy so virtually every penny raised goes toward helping local families in need. The average cancer patient will incur $8500 in out of pocket expenses in their first year of diagnosis, regardless of what kind of insurance they have.  THEY NEED YOUR HELP!  Click on the donate button below to make a secure donation using PayPal, or any major debit or credit card.


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We are a network of cancer survivors dedicated to helping others in our area that are battling cancer.  We are a local and regional organization serving the southern Carroll County towns in New Hampshire.  All money raised goes directly toward helping families that are financially challenged during their time of need.

Our team runs two major events each year to help raise funds. We run a walk for cancer in the spring/early summer, and a golf tournament in the fall. But don't wait for an event, make your contribution now.  Click the Upcoming Events button below for information on our next event!

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Almost everyone has been affected by cancer in one way or another.  A family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor has struggled with this dreaded disease.  Help us help those who need our support during a most difficult time.

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